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Hugo Siegmeth


Hugo Siegmeth

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Künstlerisches Profil Hugo Siegmeth

  • Biography
    Hugo Siegmeth is an European jazz musician for whom it is a matter of course also to exploit classical music as a field for improvisation. Born in Banat (Arad/Romania), he emigrated to Germany in 1976. As early as during his studies at the Richard Strauss Conservatory in Munich and composition with Stefan Zorzor, the saxophonist was awarded the Bavarian Promotion Prize in1998 and Bavarian Radio's New Generation Award in 2001. As a soloist, Siegmeth has advanced to become one of the most autonomous representatives of the saxophone by virtue of his characteristic coloring in the field of tension between jazz and classical music. In 2015, he was awarded the Promotion Prize of the City of Munich for this achievement. His concert work as a soloist and artistic director leads to many radio and CD productions as well as appearances at international festivals and on international stages such as Berliner Philharmonie, Brucknerhaus Linz (A), Montreux (Jazz Festival), New York ( Lincoln Center), Singapore (New Arts Festival), Linz (Ars Electronica), to tours through North and South America, Australia and Europe as well as through Central Asia and Sudan on the behalf of the Goethe Institute. He can be heard in as varied orchestras as the Hugo Siegmeth Ensemble PASSACAGLIA, in duo with the lutenist Axel Wolf and with Clark Terry, Michael Wollny, the Ensemble Sarband, the Bayrisch Jazz Group, the Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin, the Bruckner Orchestra in Linz as well as the Orchestra della Svizzera italiana, both under the baton of Markus Poschner, or in the contemporary opera The Soldiers, conducted by Kirill Petrenko at the State Opera in Munich. Since 2006, Hugo Siegmeth has regularly composed for soundtracks in coproduction with Robert Papst (Scoreworx Studios) like "Tell me where the beautiful ones are..." (Berlinale, 2008), "Geheimnisse ASiens" (Arte, 2013) or Kill me today, tomorrow I'm sick! (Montreal World Film Festival, 2018). Since 2014, Hugo Siegmeth has been the artistic director of the teachers’ Big Band Bayern with busy international recital work at schools. Invitations as a lecturer to master classes and workshops take him to the 'Festival of Young Artists in Bayreuth', to the academies in Regensburg and Munich and, with a focus on intercultural exchange and youth development, to Tunis, Astana, Ulan Bator, Lima, Santiago de Chile, Sibiu and Bagamoyo.
  • Awards
    Nomination German Record Critics' Award for the album "NOW" 2019 Silver Zenith, Montreal World Film Festival, Soundtrack "Kill me today..." 2018 Förderpreis Musik der Stadt München 2015 German World Music Award, member of the "Ensemble Sarband" 2008 Shortlist German Film Prize for Music with "Mörderischer Frieden" 2008 1. Winner "New Generations" of the Bayerischer Rundfunk 2001 Bavarian Jazz Prize 1998
  • Discography
    WINTER JOURNEY – Hunstein | wolf | Siegmeth (Ohems Classics 2020) s pure life – Bavarian Jazz Group (Village Pond Records 2019) NOW – Axel Wolf & Hugo Siegmeth (Oehms Classics 2019) FLOW – Axel Wolf & Hugo Siegmeth (Oehms Classics 2014) PASSACAGLIA - Hugo Siegmeth Ensemble (Village Pond Records 2011) LA BORDEI - Hugo Siegmeth Ensemble (Village Pond Records 2009) Red Onions – Hugo Siegmeth Quartet (ACT 2006) Oracle – Hugo Siegmeth Quartet (Village Pond Records 2005) Live at the Jazzclub Unterfahrt – Hugo Siegmeth Quintet (Edition Collage 2001) On the go – Zapf ́nstreich (Pantaleon 2013) An Arabian Passion according to J.S. stream – Sarband (JARO 2008) Songs closer to silence – Zollsound Chamber Orchestra (Enja 2003) – Summit Jazz Orchestra feat. Clark Terry (Edition Collage 2000) (Selection)
  • Filmography
    Our Germany. Unity, Justice, Freedom (A. Oster, documentary, ARD 2019) Kill me today, tomorrow I'm sick (J. Schroeder / T. Streck, Cinema, 2018) Ernst Grube – contemporary witness. (Christel Priemer, cinema documentary, 2017) 90 minutes is not a life(N. Golüke, documentary, ARD 2015) Carnival children(G. Scholz, documentary, cinema 2014) Secrets of Asia - The most beautiful national parks(R. Berry, 5-part documentary, ARTE 2013) Landauer(N. Golüke, documentary, BR 2013) Faces of Islam (H. Schuller, 4-part documentary, ARTE/ARD 2010) Living under suspicion - The case of Harry Wörz(G. Scholz, documentary, ARD 2010) Today was the future then (G. Scholz, documentary cinema, 2010) Master class - A year with the opera professionals of tomorrow (O. Hagemann, documentary ARTE 2009) Mohenjo Daro(H. Schuller, documentary, ARD/ARTE 2008) Tell me where the beauties are...(G. Scholz, documentary, cinema 2008) Eye to Eye- A German Film History (M. Althen, H.H. Prinzler, Documentary Cinema 2008) Murdering peace(R. Schweiger, feature film, cinema 2007) (selection)
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